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For a Summer Art project I have visited the range of exhibitions, however the ‘Human Factor’ Exhibition in Hayward Gallery in London, became the main influence and the starting point for my summer project. I was astonished by the curatorial ideas, and how the space was used in order to show the complex idea behind the exhibition.

It was inspiring to see how many works concerned with socio-political problems and morality of nowadays society were situated in the gallery space. The art piece by Yinka Shonibare MBE ‘Girl Ballerina’(2007), shows his retrospective on Edgar’s Degas ‘Little Dancer Aged Fourteen’ (1880-1881), and brings in the insight to moral issues of today. His sculpture presents the copy of the famous piece beheaded and with a gun behind her back, which emphasize the contrast image to Degas sculpture.

This innocent girl is no longer that innocent as in ‘Little Dancer Aged Fourteen’,

and who stands unprotected, awaiting for the stranger kill-kiss, in contrast she is

  Edgar_Degas_La_Petite_Danseuse_de_Quatorze_Ans_cast_in_1997                                         yinka shonibare girl ballerina 2007

Little Dancer of Fourteen Years, Edgar Degas        Yinka Shonibare, 2007,’Girl Ballerina’

ready to shoot anyone who will try to assault her.

It has influenced the choice that I’ve made in favor of installation for the summer art project. It seemed that it would speak loudly on the question of life and death, and the role of politics in it.

After a few days after the visit I have found an interesting statistics on how many women are ready and actually accepting of having an abortion in the future, one in three women will have an abortion during their lifetime. Probably the Cartesian French philosopher Rene Descartes would have agreed upon this, however, it really frustrated me on how people could easily make a decision of life and death on someone’s future, and take a role of a God on themselves.

However, after some research I found even more questioning moral problem, ‘the back market’ of trading newborns, not so many people have heard about this. Nevertheless, it becomes a tremendous issue for the young families in China, India, Africa and Russia. Can you imagine a perfectly happy couple waiting for the first baby to come, and then imagine another couple, who just can’t have children and nothing helps. Sneaky doctors and politics found an easy way to solve the problem of the unhappy couple and earn some money for themselves. The ‘dirty scheme’ looks pretty like this; when labors come, and the birth is given to a healthy and sweet baby, the happy couple is getting informed by the doctor that their baby didn’t make it( but they are not giving the dead body to the parents), then this baby is getting sold to the unhappy couple( estimates: £4500 for a boy and £2500 for a girl). It’s interesting to see how miserable people can be in order to gain wealth, and to realize that there is no morality in nowadays society.

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With my art piece, I wanted to question the audience, ‘Can we actually decide on someone’s future?’, ‘How easily can we make a decision of life and death of a human being?’, ‘Is it morally wrong to kill the tissue that can eventually turn into a person?’

For this installation I used acrylics, lacier, customized baby doll, the rope.

Picture Used from

Hayward Gallery


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