Book Project (work and artist influences)

Autumn Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year, Related Artists

Week 1

During the first week me with my art group (Olivia Quinn and Piril Torgut), we were asked to develop an artist book, from the poem we wrote walking under the autumn sunlight. The poem was divided into two parts: Inside and Outside, it’s not the literature poem, but an art poem, and it reflects our vision of autumn, and nature and how Inside and Outside is a circular movement.
Here’s what we came up with:

I see falling yellow leaves,
I know the autumn is coming,
I observe the people passing by,
I emphasize the beauty of the clouds,
I ignore the rush around me,
I think people don’t notice,
I am certain that the seasons are changing,
I dam and a hot drink,
I bet it will be comforting,
I refuse to accept the changes,
I see the world changing.

I see people talking,
I know that they are rushing,
I observe the outside surroundings,
I emphasize the tranquility within me,
I ignore the voices, I think of the pleasant weather outside,
I think of the pleasant weather outside,
I am certain that it’s inviting,
I demand to open my imagination,
I bet I would have time for myself,
I refuse to rush,
I see the sunlight peeking through the trees

Moving from the poem, I have started research of artists who worked on art books. One of my favorite pieces was an installation out of books by Tina Hill ‘Excavating Babel’.


Excavating Babel, by Tina Hill, photograph by Martin-Everett

This work has influenced the early stages of the project, here are some sketches:

IMG_8676 IMG_8673IMG_8674IMG_8677 IMG_8675IMG_8732 IMG_8740
Here we started to think of a book as an art object, in order to develop the connection between the piece and the audience. At this stage I was inspired by Jacqueline Rush Lee, who works, with books, magazines, paper, in order to produce her art. I have looked at such works as Inside Out (2001), which reflects upon our vision of a circular movement of Outside and Inside surroundings. The transformation of books and magazines gives them a completely different meaning

peacock1.jpg1             .insideout1

Peacock,2007,Devotion Series,              Inside Out, Volumes Series,

Photo by Jacqueline Rush Lee                Photo by Paul Kodama

Furthermore, I also looked at art books of Daniel Lai, who perfectly combines sculpture within an art book. Sculptures seems to interact with books and a viewer.

40db1d6e0d0af3fac368794de0501ee2 Double consciousness, 2013


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