Week One (part 2) Idea n1

Autumn Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year


The circularity of the poem and thousand of ideas drove us further of the poem in to the context of recycling ideas.

Every person had an idea, which was not supported by people around them, and it would be just forgotten.
However, from all those bits and pieces you could have developed something that worth. This becomes something that lead us into making our installation.

The use of art magazines emphasizes the whole creative process, that artist is going through, to make a masterpiece. We wanted our audience to question themselves, how efficient they used their ideas and life. Why not recycle your thoughts? Furthermore the audience becomes the continuation of an art piece, as the art, it’s not just an object, but it would have an influence on the thoughts and ideas of a viewer, and becomes an infinite process.

In this installation, we used, about 200 art magazines, recycle bin, books.









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