Visit to Tate Modern in search for Fontana

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After the auction, I have decided to research the terms of a canvas, being  rather an art object, then a platform for a painting.

During the Sotheby’s auction, there were a few lots sold, by Lucio Fontana (1899-1968) an Italian painter and sculptor, who was the part of Zero art movement, created by Heinz Mack in 1957.

a zone of silence and of pure possibilities for a new beginning.” Otto  Piene

I became interested in him, because of his use of canvas as a medium, and from 1949 he started the new art – Spatial Concept, during which he developed his signature art, slashes on painted canvases and during his later art, this concept was divided into two parts: Tagli(Slashes) and Buchi(wholes). ‘Art dies but is saved by gesture’, Fontana, 1948. This was his response to post-war conditions, after the second world war. Slashes become a representation of pain and wounds on skin.

The one I’ve admire and seen on the auction, is Concetto Spaziale, Attese, 1964-65, which was sold for £1,560,900.


There were other works by the artist, but this one have inspired me for the start of a new project, and just have taken my mind.

Furthermore, as Fontana’s work is displayed in most famous museums in the world, I have made a decision to go to Tate Modern, to find some other work by him.

Spatial Concept 'Waiting' 1960 by Lucio Fontana 1899-1968

Spatial Concept ‘Waiting’, 1960

So, here it was, another masterpiece by Fontana, it was so interesting to note, how the same gesture, brought different images and understanding to the viewer.

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