Meet Serena Korda at Reading

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On the 21st of Oct we had a chance to meet Serena Korda an amazing and inspiring artist from London. From the first minutes of seeing Serena you can feel her confidence and loving life personality.

Her practice focuses on large-scale performances and sculpture. In recent years, she was seeking inspiration from movies, especially horror ones, which have reflected on her practice(e.g. art film ‘Transmitters’). She researched the way of how people attracted to horror and hysteria, and the imagery of eroticism within these grotesque images.

In her early works, such as ‘Decosa Tradition Stockholm Keifer/pin’, Performance, Camden Arts Centre(2010) and ‘Aping the Beast’, which is presented in few performances. During her presentation, she talked about her interest in the secret life of objects and use of puppetry, which had an effect on these art pieces.

Within ‘Decosa Tradition Stockholm Keifer/pin’, she was looking at monumental sculptures and use of audience as a part of this sculpture. At that time she became inspired by movement and ritual dances. She developed a performance based on ritual dances, so the group of people were making some sort of artificial ritual with this ‘decosa‘ material, with print of wood imitation. She was questioning ‘notions of authenticity and man’s desire to mimic and conquer nature.’



            ‘This was the development of an invented tradition highlighting the DIY store as an alternative temple of worship in a secular society: a new place for self-improvement.’ Original Score by Daniel O’Sullivan



Here is the performance:


The other performance and installation which fascinated me was her art piece ‘Laid to Rest’ which was commissioned by the Wellcome Collection as part of “Dirt” 2011. Her idea for an art piece laid upon the idea of how the city (London) was evolving using its own dust during Victorian times.

L0068333 London labour and the London poor


After a huge amount of research she started to make bricks, with dust, she has collected herself or donated to her from all over the world. Then, each brick was engraved with initials of people or institutions who donated their dust.

C0071778 Serena Korda, Laid to Rest

C0071786 Serena Korda, Laid to Rest

   “ The brick stack grew over the course of the exhibition and a mythical marching band “The Brick Keepers” consecrated the bricks combining choral incantations and ritual dance in a tribute to the overlooked and forgotten.’

Then, as a part of the performance, all bricks were presented in the parade in London, and then buried in the soil, back to the dust.


Here is the performance:


The thing that I have highlighted for my practice during her presentation, is that the process of making will always influence the performance and that don’t worry if something goes with your art piece, it will always go wrong, and in the end you will eventually find a way to fix it. (as her piece ‘Aping the Beast’)

All pictures used are from her official web page:


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