Polly Morgan (week 3 project inspiration)

Autumn Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year, Related Artists, Studio

She is London-based artist, who became known for use of taxidermy as a tool for art pieces. The animals she uses died naturally, that leads to the main concerns of her art pieces – that death becomes a peaceful state, and terror lies in Life rather than death, as fight for life, and to stay alive is more scare condition.Her works are beautiful and scary at the same time. The narrative within her work process illustrates of how we are fragile, and this is what Morgan wants to show to her audience.

Polly Morgan became known in art world in quite short time, as her unusual and illusory art practice becomes unique, as there not many artists who used taxidermy as a tool. From 2004 she got noticed by Banksy. In 2005 he commissioned art pieces from her for his annual exhibition in London. Then she started to be exhibited with alongside Damien Hirst, Banksy, and her work started to be collected by Charles Saatchi and other collectors.


Vestige (2009)

Taxidermy, prayer-book, chandelier (37cm x 58cm x 19cm)

When you look at her art pieces you think that in a second the bird or an animal can become alive. In my opinion through her work she brings irony, of how people become obsessed by things, ‘Lovebird'(2009), perfectly illustrates this,as the bird is no longer alive, but still looks selfishly in mirror and there is a carpet made out of mouse.




With her other piece – ‘Systemic Inflammation’, (it becomes her first monumental piece), she as an artist tried to command the gallery space, with an installation. I could describe this piece as ‘Dramatic, this becomes the word that comes first to my head when I see it. I think this piece looks smooth and organic and brings in the dialogue between the artwork and exhibiting space.

Systemic-Inflammation Systemic-Inflammation-detail                          ‘Systemic Inflammation’ (2010)

Taxidermy, steel, leather

130cm x 113cm (diameter)


Information and pictures from:

-all pictures are from her original website


-Interview for BBC

– See more at: http://pollymorgan.co.uk/works/systemic-inflammation/#sthash.DIwFlmFK.dpuf



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