Robert Brennan

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American artist, who explores within his practice shaped canvases. His works illustrate contrasts between organic and the geometric, the tension and the softness, rough and smooth.

In his pieces you can see movement created simply by canvas. It becomes not just a canvas, but a sculpture which comes to life with light, as the shapes are getting revealed with light and shadows. This also becomes the reason for his canvases being white as it helps to visualize the language behind his works.

“I have also explored shaped pieces that employ color; however, it is through the stark white works that I ultimately push the edge of painting toward relief and sculpture and, more importantly, toward the rich dialogue between white and black that is possible when light brings the forms to life.”


 The Dance, 2007

He describes his working process as an exploration of forms and shapes, and therefore he never knows the outcome of the piece.

variations                                                    Variations


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