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I have had an amazing opportunity to be accepted to Christie’s Auction House for a two week placement. Christie’s and Sotheby’s become the biggest auction houses in the world, and take about 90% of auction market. Their offices situated in more than 30 countries. Christie’s host more auctions a year, than days in over 80 categories.

I was accepted to the Mod Brit Department, which was amazing as it was one of my first choices. At first I was a little nervous as this become the largest auction house in the world. However after a few days I felt as I belonged there. It was opened in 1766 by James Christie’s and you can still feel this old fashion of 1766, when you work there. Today it’s owned by Francouis Pinault.

It’s already been a week as I am working at Chritie’s as an intern. I always wanted to see how art auctions work from inside, as they set prices and make history to the Art World. It’s been my dream to work in one. It was hard for the first few days, as I did not know what to expect. Through this week I have learned a lot of things that will encourage my interest in art auctions. I was given each day a range of tasks that where in some sense challenging, I was researching in library the art works that would be included in sales, as you need to know the provenance for each work and literature where it’s mentioned. One of my favourite things so far was helping in cataloging one of the sculptures and observing how the paintings are Hilled. Also one of the best things you can get from the internship is working with the best specialists and learning from them (it is worth spending 2 hours on trai)n.

Working in such place has it’s own magnificent sides, it’s the way that you work each day in the surrounding of art history and great works of art.

The elegance of Christie’s could be felled beginning with the location – when each day you pass the RA and ST James Square, continuing the perfection of architectural beauty of the main office at King Street, and with the way that on the front door a doorman opens a door for you and greets you, and there are millions of other things that makes Christie’s the way it is.

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