Robert Ryman

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Robert Ryman is an American artist who works mainly in minimalism. His works are focused on texture and surface of the paintings. To highlight it his paintings are done in white. This idea is really close to my current practice as I want to explore the shapes and texture speaking for itself. He uses now only textures to play with, but the walls on which he presents his work, to the extent that they become part of his art. This is what I was considering by exhibiting my work on the red wall.

The restricted color and practice does not influence the meaning brought to his works, as it allows the audience to explore not the color and shapes on the painting, but the brush strokes, textures and surface. This allows the sensitivity of exploration within his paintings. Personally, I feel that his works can say more than for example a portrait, as his works, are emotional and pure, they allow your imagination and sensations to explore the art just simply by texture. This allows people to focus on what actually matters in art.


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