Being alive – Daphne Wright

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She is an Irish visual artist. Her works are full of delicacy and tenderness. When you look at her sculptures you can feel that they are nearly alive, but she drives a thin line in being ‘nearly alive‘.

At first sight you may think that her works are taxidermy art as Polly Morgan’s. However, these art pieces are castes made of marble dust and resin. She is not the first artist who illustrates death as something natural, as I have said Polly Morgan also looks into these within her art.


                       Lamb, 2006 Marble dust and resin, 67 x 17 x 38 cm
                                              Edition of 5

 These art pieces suggest to open our minds to unwholesomeness. The viewer becomes a part of her piece as they are looking at dead animals, even if they are casted they are too realistic to believe they are sculptures. The viewer becomes trapped and uncomfortable viewing these pieces, which leads to their exploration of ‘death’, as in the same time you look into the eyes of death, and feel sorry for those animals. However you can not turn your eyes from this beautiful depiction of death and peace depicted in one piece. 


Stallion , 2009, Marble dust and resin, 160 H x 380 L x 140 W cm
                                               Edition of 2

Personally, I am in love with her figurative sculptures, as they feel clean, peaceful, and elegant. Her works closely relate to my own practice, as with white there is a suggestion of peace, being in peace, and observe peace, which I want to bring into my works of art.


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