Studio, Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year

This year it’s going to be 70 years since the horrible events in Hiroshima. When the atomic bomb took 127,000 lives of people of Japan, 69%percent of buildings were destroyed and 6-7% damaged. It was the first time atomic bomb was used for war. It was a horrible incident with horrific outcomes, as survivors of Hiroshima were exposed to radiation which caused radiation disease. Radiation disease evolves over time and causes cancer, hair lose, bleeding, damages the nervous system and bones. This was the crime against humanity.



There were hundreds of children born with radiation diseases. While researching this horrible incident, I found this astonishing and touching story, but a really sad one.

Sadako Sasaki, was a girl who survived an atomic bomb, she was only two, when a bomb fell on her city. After nine years, the side effects of radiation she was exposed to revealed themselves, she was diagnosed with leukemia. The doctors said she had just a year to live.

There was a Japanese legend, that if you fold a 1000 of paper cranes your wish will come true, so her friend who was visiting her in the hospital made  a first one. The girl with a hope to survive, started to fold paper cranes. However, she made only 644 before she died. Her friends have finished a 1000 paper cranes and buried with her on the day of a funeral. She was only twelve when she died. Since then paper cranes became a symbol of innocent victims of war.

This became my inspiration for my current art piece I decided to use paper cranes as a symbol of dream, hopes, purity and innocence. Origami is a different form of art, it’s really traditional and strict, however the light and shadows, this is what brings them alive.


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