Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year

Within my current project I have decided to change the medium, as the textile and canvas, did allowed me to experiment enough. So I have decided to use the paper instead. However I will still work within the theme of my previous project – ‘The process of Purity’


Purity is the word, that symbolize dreams, hopes, the good, the changes in our world. Pure is something that comes from a 0 point of development, like a newborn child, that have not seen the corruption of our world, did not commit any sins and does not have desires.


In my previous project I was developing an idea of the process of purity, as it’s been a year after Ukraine’s revolution, and the country is trying to change and recover from the horrible events that took place in 2014 in Kiev.  The hopes of our generation helped to change the corrupted politics in Ukraine.



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