Зравствуйте Дети! The main Idea behind the project

Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year

This film was filmed in 1962 in USSR, the scene takes place in children’s international camp in USSR where children of different nationalities spent their summer holidays. One of the characters, is a girl from Japan, and later in the film she is diagnosed with leukemia, the whole camp is trying to find different ways how to save her, they have folded paper cranes, as the legend says the person who have folded 1000 birds, would have their dream to come true. However, in the end she dies. This touching story emphasizes the importance of hope, friendship, and peace.

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I have posted this film as it relates to my current project, within which I will produce an installation from paper cranes, to illustrate that our world is not only about politics, fashion, money, but it’s about children, who become the future of a new generations. Children are innocent, they dream, they believe in fairy tales, they hope. None of this children should ever face the war, illness and hate. So this becomes my main theme for my summer art piece. Hopefully, after the final exhibition, it will be possible to organize a small auction to sell this art piece, in order to donate the money to Hospitals and Charities who help to fight for children’s lives. Moreover, I hope that I will be able to organize the small event for children.

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