Anna Lewis ‘CATHEXIS’

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She is a Jeweler from UK. She is most famous for her feather designs, with silver details. In her art pieces she explores the notions of memory. Her works illustrate the intimacy of relationships that people bound with their objects. Furthermore, her works illustrate the symbolism of memorials, amulets and the meaning of these objects in daily life of people.

Her installation – ‘CATHESIS’ which was installed in and commissioned by the Mission Gallery in 2007. The word Cathesis means ‘an attachment or transfer of emotional energy and significance onto and into an object, idea or person.’  This becomes the idea that is transferred through all of her pieces. This installation consisted of 3000 wooden birds, as the emphasize of fragility and loss. There are other meanings that are also reflected in her practice, such as memories, wishes, prayers, and hopes. These birds were hung across the gallery space, so the viewer would see a flight of a mass of birds and eventually would become a part of this piece.



Cathesis, 2007

This work is related to my Paper Cranes art piece, as she highlights the ideas, that I want to highlight in my work, such as wishes, hopes, and dream. However, my work differs from hers, as I want to focus on the idea of purity and innocence in contrast to war, and events in Hiroshima 70 years ago.

images are taken from amazing


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