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He is a conceptual German artist who mainly focuses on purity and simplicity as the main theme for his installations. He works only with natural materials such as pollen, bee wax, and rice. When you look at his work, you realize how passionate and time-consuming is the process of his creations. He is the most famous for using pollen within his art pieces. He collects it during spring and summer in Germany. He uses pollen from different trees and flowers, as each type of blossom has its unique color. He suggests that pollen becomes an art piece on its own, and it does not matter how its going to be presented. Moreover, he sells pollen that he collected during summer to museum and collectors in glass jars, without any direction of how it can be exhibited.

A visitor watches on June 11, 2013 an ar

Passageway Inside Downside is an installation that was created during 2011-2012. His work brings the simplicity and calmness to the gallery space. The repetitiveness of the objects he uses in this work, transforms this objects into new forms within the permanent form of the objects, allowing viewer to meditate and take this clam experience into something new for themselves.


His work, inspired me for the project I am working on, as his use of repetitive forms creates a unity of this objects, in order to become one piece within the installation. This what I want to bring into my work.

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