Здравствуйте Дети!!! work in progress

Studio, Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year

Today I was creating a footage that will be projected on to the thousand of paper cranes, in order to illustrate the symbolism of this piece.


The pictures on footage are pictures of kids that have been suffering during Hiroshima and Chernobyl, as well as the contrast images of happy children. The images of happy kids will be pictures of USSR pioneers during their summer holidays in international summer camps. This links to the film that have inspired me towards the project -‘Здравствуйте Дети!!’, as USSR pioneer came together in order to safe a life of a Japanese girl. The music will be layered on to the footage, it will be one of the pioneer songs, that symbolizes happiness and peace. It will have a heavy contrast with the images, as they are shocking and horrifying. However, it will well illustrate the tension of war and suffering, and to highlight the idea that no children should ever face the war, which becomes one of the main ideas, behind the installation.

anvuzH0wOU0 Lrs_ES-8wUM lmpHeKndmS0

Here you will see some of snap pics from my footage. I will put up the video on blog tomorrow.


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