Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year

Sound plays a really important role in the installation, as it helps audience to be absorbed by the installation. Within my installation I want to allow the audience to isolate themselves from the good and bad in their lives, and just to become a part of installation.

I have been thinking to use horn loudspeakers, the ones that are used around cities to alarm the citizens of bombing or war, as they make that specific effect onto the words and music, and makes them disturbing and isolated. The illustration of this kind of sound you can see in James Bond: Skyfall film, in which they are used on the isolated island.  However, I could not find any horn speaker around the university, and I could not afford to buy ones.

il_fullxfull.155348553 2

My music, that I have decided to use sounded very crisp and modern,  so I have decided to edit it to make an impression of an isolated building, city, and sound like from a horn speaker.

The echo that I have edited helps to illustrate that moment of silence, that appears after the bombing,the sound, that there is no one alive and the city is fully abandoned, the sound of a catastrophe.

So here is the edited audio for the projection:


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