The Title

Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year

      ” 51° 28′ 40.12″ N, 0° 0′ 5.31″ W 51.477812, -0.001475 “

I have been thinking about the title for quite a long time, and the idea of the piece named ‘Castitate’ (peace) did not work well, as it was rising questions, why latin? What it tells you? Therefore, I have started rethinking the name of the piece. I had a thought of what happens when the city is completely destroyed in seconds, this special silence that only happens after nuclear bomb hits, what becomes left. There is a term ‘Ground Zero’ for the location that becomes a center of the detonation, it’s used mostly for all of the catastrophes (nuclear bombs, earthquakes,etc.)


  Then I have started thinking bout number 0, that it is the best word and symbol to describe the results of use of nuclear weapons. Moreover, I have looked into Geography, to find a 0 point of earth, and found the coordinates of Greeenwich Meridian, it’s a place which can be named – 0. It’s a place were East meets West, and this became the main idea for my title.


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