Josiah McElheny

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McElheny is a conceptual American artist and sculptor who mainly works with glass. Within his works he explores the possibilities of glass as medium to illustrate the ideas of history, utopianism, aesthetics, etc.

I have chosen the work ‘Total Reflective Abstraction’


This work not only emphasizes the idea of endlessness and reflection, it explores the human concepts, and the idea that people love everything that sparkles, transparent, clear, beautiful. Therefore, it develops the illustration of human desire for purity, hope and light.

I’m interested in the question of seduction, the idea of: how do you seduce people to be interested in what you’ve done? Seduction often involves presenting something in a very sumptuous way that attracts people. I think that there’s a question of morality in artwork, in the sense of: if something is to be of value, then it has to have a kind of gravity and importance to it. In the Western world, there’s a very deep suspicion of surfaces, of sumptuousness, because maybe that represents a kind of immorality.



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