Autumn Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year

I needed to find a fan that would suck air with a radial movement in order to help fog to form a tornado.

First of all I wanted to try using bathroom exhaustion, but they were too heavy.

So I have decided to use radial fan the one that are used in computers, so I have ordered one .

Here it is:

lg8iYp2TBPw N3SzZoLGs-E

But it was a mistake as I did not realize how tiny it will be and how powerless it will be for this project.

So I have decided to use a radial fan from an old computer. As it was much bigger and more powerful. I have detached it from the motherboard, and then turned to Nick to seek some advice. I needed it to run from the socket and not from the main electricity. It was one of the main problems that I could not figure out how to do it. I went to Class Olhson, but they were useless, so Nick helped me to find a right solution for that, and helped me to do the wiring for the fan.



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