Questions to think about (‘Alba Rabbit’ and Humans in Nature)

Autumn Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year, Uncategorized

As besides Art I study Philosophy in the past two years I have focused on Environmental Ethics, Animal Rights and Anthropocentric Climate Change. I believe it has influenced my art practice a lot.

There are many moral questions regarding the role of Humans in Nature and our interference with nature which became a norm in our lives. ‘Alba Rabbit’ by Kac, is the perfect example of this. The questions that come into your head would be ‘wow thats a cool experiment’, and ‘why’.

The science is not only makes our lives easier but it also influences the world we live in. Considering this piece of art one might think “why”, but one of the answers that is ‘because we can do it’.  So here comes the realization of humans ‘playing God’, which was highlighted by many Deontologists. Species are getting extinct, animals are used for science and food production, climate change has been proven to be mainly anthropocentric. So why, we continue producing CO2 emissions, trying to control animal populations, clone them, breed them, why we are trying to control nature? The answer ‘just because we can’ is seems pretty vague here, especially thinking on the global scale.



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