Berndnaut Smidle

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He is a Dutch artist who works mainly with large scale installations, photography and sculpture. His work explores the relationship between the space and the object. Within his practice he is focusing on the idea of the moment, the idea of bring the objects from outside into the inside, destruction and repair.

I became particularly interested in his work ‘Numbuses’, 2014 – they are the series of photos with clouds within the architectural space. It’s interesting to note how the short time installation turns into a photography art. He creates ‘clouds’ temporary within the space, which depicts the idea of bring objects from the nature into the inside.

The ‘work refers to both the physical state of a building as well as a moment of revelation that depicts either hope or fragility. Smilde analyses spaces and their appearance and takes them apart to investigate their unique details and features. His artistic point of view often centers on duality. His works question: inside and outside, temporality, size, the function of materials and architectural elements.’

This work has inspired me for my current project as it brings the idea of taking the nature (phenomenon) inside, having it in unnatural surrounding. However, his work is contradicts my idea of having the nature permanently enclosed within the space, as his work is temporary, and it exists just for the short period of time, similarly to the natural phenomena, it’s light, mysteries, and free.

BSmilde_130317_0078 Nimbus_Sankt-Peter_2863272b NimbusPlatform57-72


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