Experimentation with the Mist Maker

Autumn Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year

When my mist maker arrived I have decided to experiment how it will work better.

I decided to try different bowls with different level of water.

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The cube did not work, as it did not allow the fog to fill it, so the mist maker was too small for that.

The best way it worked was in a round bowl with less water than 5 cm, but still I was unsure if there will be enough of fog to form a tornado, but I could not try it out before the full construction was ready because of the mechanism of it.

1nAyTIPICcE 3SdLdV_sQOY BBgwjLW82P8 BMw8jXiq6rA kZX2E8JWuSE MjUVQFK275M oFwphdUPU2U pPaGj26U5q8 vP9Y6kULWwM


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