Research Seminar 1-A Curatorial Journey:From Obsession to Exhibition

Autumn Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year, Uncategorized

During this term I had an exciting opportunity to undertake a research seminar with Lina Dzuverovic. Personally, I am really interested in art research and curatorial practice as I believe it influence how we perceive art. Last year I have undertaken Critical Collaborative Methods, a curatorial module which have inspired me to take a closer look at curatorial process and as the outcome produce an exhibition. Furthermore, this autumn I have became a co-curator with Hogarth Productions on the exhibition at Reading ‘Domestic@tion’ at Takeaway Gallery.

Within the seminar we have discussed the ideas of how histories are told, why it is so male dominated, how to build a research practice that will lead you to the exhibition. As a person who was born in Post-Soviet country it was interesting to see how the ‘Pop’ emerged and developed during in USSR. I was amazed how many contemporary artists emerged at that time. This is also highlighted at the Tate exhibition ‘The World Goes Pop’.

The question for the research for the curatorial project one should consider are:

  • who is you audience?
  • how much information you give?
  • What is your voice and how are you present/absent?
  • access to the materials
  • authenticity of location

This seminar helped to understand where you start your research and different methods of doing it. Lina’s own curatorial practice seems very interesting and engaging, as by showing all of her research she makes you excited about the subject. Within her recent project for Nottingham Contemporary she explores the ‘countercultures,self-management and utopian consumerism in Ugoslav art from 1960s-1980s. The process by which she undertook her research for this show is very inspiring.


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