‘Rain Room’ Hannes Koch, Florian Ortkrass and Stuart Wood

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The ‘Rain Room’ is an Installation that was made by collaboration of artists ‘rAndom International’ for the Barbican. This installation is a room filled with rain, and viewers are welcomed to walk through it without getting wet. They have used gallons of water, and technology to control it. The main idea of this piece is the interaction of the viewers with the Rain Room, to make the viewer to control the rain. The technological ability to control the movement of the rain through movement sensors emphasize the human control of the nature, as I personally see it. However, the group reflects an opinion that it is the participation of the audience and their experience within the space is the primary target of the installation. I was also fascinated by the engineering side of it.

dezeen_Rain-Room-by-rAndom-International-at-the-Barbican_1 dezeen_Rain-Room-by-rAndom-International-at-the-Barbican_3a dezeen_Rain-Room-by-rAndom-International-at-the-Barbican_14




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