Internship with Hogarth Productions Part 2

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One of the biggest tasks of my internship was the co-curating project with Hogarth Productions. We have decided to create an exhibition. We have picked a venue which was The Takeaway Gallery in Harris Arcade, Reading. This was the perfect gallery for the show that we wanted to put up.

My role in this project was diverse, I needed to advertise the opportunity for the students and manage the application process, and writing rejection emails to unsuccessful candidates (which was morally hard to do).

Me and Anna Harcourt (Festival Director) have selected the artists from the University that were coherent and working with the theme of the exhibition. We have made a decision to exhibit the works of Annabelle Dent, Olivia Stagg and Niquelle LaTouche. The exhibition was based around the theme of domesticity and women role in it. I was particularly happy that the exhibition was consisting of three generation of female artists – an alumna from the university , an MA student and BA student. It was also interesting how artist influence each other even unintentionally.

It was very interesting to co-curate this exhibition as last year I was doing Critical Collaborations module. Moreover, we have been writing the statement for the exhibition, designing Flyers, and figuring out the logistics.

When it came to setting up the exhibition at the gallery there were many decisions to make, were the art works would speak for themselves, and how to make a dialogue between them. Furthermore we needed to organize a preview night, which was a success. Everything went as planed, and guests were happy.

I am really glad that I had such opportunity to working with such incredible people as Anna and Ed Harcourt, I have learned a lot of things about curating and the business side of art, which will help me in my future career.requestunnamed

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