Hans Haacke

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German born artist who was also a member of Zero movement as Lucio Fontana, Castellani, and Manzoni, who were my primary influence for the previous video installation. He is a contemporary artist who works more with installations. Within his practice he explored the physical and biological processes, animals and nature. I was particularly became interested in his work ‘Condensation Cubes’. Its very relevant to my current practice, not only because of the materials and natural part of it but because it’s very dependent on the viewer. The more people are in the space the more condensation forms in the cube.

‘Condensation Cube departs from the notion of the static object animated only by the interaction of the viewer. It consists of a sealed Perspex box filled with a small amount of water. Condensation begins to form and to run down the sides of the box, changing according to the ambient light and temperature. The work’s appearance therefore depends upon the environment in which it is placed.’ Tate




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