Robert Smithson

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American Artist who is known for his land art and sculpture. ‘Spiral Jetty’ is one of the works that illustrates presence and disappearance, natural and unnatural, decay and renewal. It’s located in Utah, at the Great Slat Lake.

The spiral was made at the time of drought as the water level was low and allowed to work further in the lake, but after a while the water level returned to normal, and made the Spiral Jetty disappear for thirty years, but now it became visible again. It’s interesting how the time makes it appear and disappear. The spiral was built by a human, and in some way the lake was dominated and enhanced by a human, however nature makes it disappear through natural cycles. This is what I want to illustrate within my current piece the idea of taking something from the nature into a human environment.

‘Smithson believed that taking natural materials out of their original contexts abstracted them.’ MoMAspiral-jetty-1970Robert-Smithson.-Corner-Mirror-with-Coral-453x395


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