Artist Statement

Autumn Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year, Uncategorized

My current research practice is based on the pilot study project developed last year titled ‘The Museum of Rare Animals’. This study highlighted the idea of human dominance over nature. This lead to an interest in investigating the human potential to create extreme forms of power and control.

This current body of work will focus on corruption of nature by humans. Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, are the only things that can not be controlled or changed and enhanced by humans. Humans have a long history of domesticating wild animals. Starting from domesticated animals that we take fore granted, e.g. dogs, cats, cows and horses to huge animals such as elephants, tigers and panthers and natural environment itself. It became normal for rich people to use tigers and panthers as pets and keep them caged in human homes. I want to develop a series of works that draw attention to the absurdity of our anthropocentrism by encaging the most powerful disasters within the closed space.

Can you imagine a pet tornado in your living room? Or a tsunami?

This installation is not only about environmentalism it is the power that people employ on themselves ‘playing God’. The presence and disappearance of the tornado in the display case emphasize that nothing is eternal, as because of our power we tend to destroy. The tornado itself within a display case tends to spread in to the room, as the power of something that vast could not be controlled. It gives the viewer and understanding the lose of control by the humans within nature. This piece was influenced by environmentalism and human role in changes on Earth, as well as Eduardo Kac’s ‘GFP’ bunny that highlights the issues of egocentrism of humans and our abilities to control and create.

My art piece is interactive through the wireless control that controls tornado. The interaction of the viewer is essential, as it gives them the power of controlling something that should not be controlled and enhanced, which becomes one of the main aims of this piece.

During this term I have researched the catastrophes around the globe, the climate change, and influence of humans not only on nature but also on humans themselves. Tornado is a powerful weather condition that destroys everything on its way and it can not be prevented. Francis Alys with his video art piece ‘Tornado’ unveils the wild power of nature, when he reaches the center of the tornado there is the momentum of nothing, ‘0’, the power that wipes everything on it’s way, in some way it illustrates a peaceful moment, purity and eternity of nature through destruction.

Next term I want to continue with this practice, as I want to develop a series of installations exploring the idea of domestication of nature, and the relationship between humans and nature.


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