Bruno Latour ‘Politics of Nature’

Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 22.33.12

A political philosophy enquiry into the limits of political ecology. If nature is not a part of reality but a Constitutional arrangment to make political life impossible, what would a politics be without nature ? If this question is raised then it becomes obvious that the various green movements are not modifying the modernist project but giving it, on the contrary, a new lease on life. To get out of this limitation, new institutions have to be devised —by following what ecological crisis are showing already in practice— that allows for scientific facts to be elaborated through due process. This book follows closely on Pandora’s Hope and We Have Never Been Modern.

Overall, the book, looks more of how the values and politics work, rather than looking directly into environmental problems. Political ecology becomes a completely different doctrine within philosophy, within which I would not want to move forward, as I believe it is wrong to politicize nature, even if the environmental problems become one of the main political arguments within the decade.

This book, helped me to understand where I stand within Philosophy, as I believe that no one than Tom Regan, Peter Singer, Parfit and Rolston  can better argue on environmental problems.


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