Cooperation with System Engineering

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The basic idea was to create the board that would flip and therefore create a wave, as well as it should have been a continues process. I have researched this beforehand and found the National Geographic Documentary, which is on my blog as well. There were illustration and models of disasters, so watching the Tsunami model I realized what I have needed to do in order to produce a growing wave.

However, I did not know to make it mechanical and what kind of motor and wiring I should have had.

I have realized that University has so many people with different knowledge, that I would be able to find some one to seek some advice about the wiring and mechanical part of the installation. Figuring that out, I have decided to contact Systems Engineering and Engineering department. The have linked me to Professor Steve Gould, who kindly agreed to assist me.


The Engineering Department:


So when I outlined my main idea and showed the documentary to Professor Gould we came up with this idea:


The Plan

1. within the tank we have a hinged wooden board, the base of the board (which is not intended to move so may have to glue to base of tank) is length 30cm, 50cm width (to suit the tank), the upper hinged bit is 20cm height, 50cm width (again to suit the tank, assuming 20cm depth of water)
2. the upper board is fixed via a rod to the outer circumference of a 25cm diameter metal flywheel attached to a motor. The effective diameter of the flywheel is 20cm (to match the height of the water to be moved).
3. the motor is controlled by a “On” switch, when the on switch is depressed the motor rotates once, lifting the upper board, which since it is hinged moves the water upwards and away from the direction of the upper board.
4. the motor is mounted on a board which clamps onto the top of the tank.
5. the electronics and motor require a low voltage (24v) DC power supply, which can be borrowed from SSE.
6. The arduino needed to make it automatic, without the arduino manual with a switch.

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