Research Seminar- Mark Nader ‘The digital realm and painting

Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year, Uncategorized

During the seminar we have looked and discussed:

-How does painting approach the idea of the internet as influence, research tool or source material?

-How you source images and use them?

Math Bass : ‘Off the Clock’ ( something sort of mathematic and of Art deco)


Albert Oehlen


painting is a physical thing, it does not change

-Why ‘post internet?’

-What will happen when internet stops?

Alida Cervantes


photoshop,collage – painting

using images from internet

she does not title

commercializing your work

Distribution of an image

Katherine Bernhard


-certain interesting meaning

-iconography of your image/time

-similar imagery with Math Bass

Alistair Frost



-office imagery


Djordje Ozbolt


-How interesting or relevant his images are?

-Taking internet images and turning it into art

-Different aesthetic value

-taking meme and turning it to a painting

-Sourcing images




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