Baptiste Debombourg

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He is a French conceptual artist who was born in 1978

“With his sculptures Debombourg thematizes the throwaway society and the bequests of consumerism.”

Within his installations he looks at beautiful but yet apocalyptic images. What drwa my focus was two installations.

‘Flow’ or ‘cry of the Leviathan’ ,2013, is one of them.


‘the shimmering and overwhelming visual experience of the piece presents the artist’s recurring fascination with an apocalyptic flood reclaiming manmade architecture.’

‘Here the windscreens surge up like the wave that engulfs towns in catastrophe films such as 2012 or The Day After Tomorrow. They are broken, discarded, ignored objects that take the place by storm, rebel and attack us. Like ignored vomit being spewed out from on high.’

I feel like my work closely relates to this amazing artist, as we explore the beauty and tragedy, purity and distraction. I also find his visual language as easy to ready but very powerful.

“Arial”,2012, two tons of glass


Is another installation by him.

From my personal view within his installation you can see nature/fury invading into the human space. The use of glass, illustrates water and waves invading. His work is also all about materials, within them he would not successfully illustrate the message.



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