Jeroen Bisscheroux

Related Artists

‘POOL loss of color’, 2014

This hyper realistic painting, brings within itself a very important message, its like a ‘“carpet” that bridges two heartbreaking subjects together, the tsunami in Sendai and the disaster in Fukushima, into one image. The painting brings the subjects to human scale and visually gives you the feeling that you’re right in the center of it and that it’s not some disaster happening really far from you.’ 

POOL-loss-of-colour-Jeroen-Bisscheroux-2-600x899 POOL-loss-of-colour-Jeroen-Bisscheroux-3-600x399 POOL-loss-of-colour-Jeroen-Bisscheroux-5-600x399

The medium used is completely different to mine, but the message behind is very close to what I am looking at. The idea to illustrate how small are the humans facing the scale of disasters. This painting brings us closer to feel the disaster near you, but in the same time it distances you from something. It also illustrates that something that happened/disappeared, should not be forgotten. Moreover, personally I find this very interesting as we do not feel the same feeling for people handling disaster somewhere far away, but we would if it would happen near us.


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