Art Made of Storms-Nathalie Miebach

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This artist-scientist creates art installation/music scores out of data she gathers from weather and storms. She collects the data, analysis it and then transforms it into a 3D graph, which can be viewed as an installation in the gallery space, a science model in the science museum, and a music score in concert hall.

She become an interest to me on her ways of analyzing and transferring weather data, which is very interesting to me and close to what I am doing within my practice. I was also fascinated by the layers of complexity within her sculptures.


“Central to this work is my desire to explore the role visual aesthetics play in the translation and understanding of science information. By utilizing artistic processes and everyday materials, I am questioning and expanding boundaries through which science data has been traditionally visually translated (ex: graphs, diagrams), while at the same time provoking expectations of what kind of visual vocabulary is considered to be in the domain of ‘science’ or ‘art’.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 21.08.15 Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 21.10.09


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