Ivan Puig

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He is a Mexican contemporary artist who work within a range of media. The main focus within his practice is education. There is not much information on him on internet, but his works are very intriguing and mystical.

What draws my attention is the use of materials and objects to convey it meaning. I feel the cleanliness of his installations very engaging , which draws the viewer in.

There is something personal within his work and something distancing.  He rarely explains his works and writes artists statements, which can be misleading in terms of interpretation of his work.

Personally, this impacts my practice in a sense of how you see objects. A car installation it which is partly flooded under the water, gives some uncertainty and something unknown. Kind of censoring something. This draws me into ideas of not seeing something fully, giving a false perception, but beautiful in the same time.



hasta las narices
VW sedan, agua, pigmento, plotter sobre pvc, vaso de vidrio y figurillas escala, medidas variables

'The project consists of three installations, its origin is related to the proportions of the events and their relativity.The spectator passes between the pieces to zoom way out, and zoom in, this discursive system gives special importance to the last piece , which is synthesized and dimension take the complete work.'
acción carretera, pigmento sobre asfalto
registro fotogáfico 40X60 cm. c/u

"The line that connects it all is the critical perspective and the humour present in his observations of the social environment."

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