Olaf Brzeski

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Dream- Spontaneous combustion, Installation, 2008

‘Even when it comes to the vision of the end of humanity, Brzeski had made sure to bring up the most absurd moment. His sculptures usually act as an element of a larger narrative, frozen in a given moment. Such is the case of his Dream – Spontaneous Combustion (2008) – a black cloud of smoke, raising from the dead body of a person who combusted in his sleep.’

He is a Polish sculptor  which I found very randomly,  there is not much on him in english, but what I have got from his works as they are surreal, they occupy they space, they dream. Something caught my eye on this installation and I do not know what exactly, its just seems very familiar and calming, but the black brings distortion and horror.

However, I would read this installation quite differently from Olaf’s interpretation. For me, this becomes a cry for air, a cry for something pure. As well as the contrast between the black cloud and a white gallery space, gives more narrative, that the artist himself does not bring into his practice.



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