DIY Look of the Machines – Anthropocentrism

Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year, Uncategorized

Within this piece I want not only to illustrate purity within my work, but also the anthropocentrism in nature. To illustrate this, I have used the materials that would employ this imagery such as MDF, Duct Tape, Wood, Electronic Tape. This materials bring the hand made look, to the machines, but in the same time, they still look pure and sterile.

When you look at them you see the tapes, the wood that were put together by a human, which brings the whole idea of humans playing with technology and nature. I hope this will make it clearer of the idea of anthropocentrism within my installation. I had a choice of using clear or white silicone, so I have made a decision to make it white, to make it obvious to the viewer.


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