Internship at the Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading

Autumn Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year, Professional Experience

During summer I had an opportunity to undertake an internship at The Rising Sun Arts Centre in Reading. During This time I have helped with The Move Up Project, within which I was working with people with learning disabilities on various projects. Few of which were the Art and Creative making (painting, and sculpture making towards festival), Zap Magazine- helping them to create a magazine from scratch which would then be published during winter. Zap Comedy – becomes another incredible project within the centre – I have been helping with rehearsing a performance for the Here Comes The Sun festival, which was quite challenging, but very rewarding. We have also started planning Peter Pan for the winter show. The other project which runs within the centre is the Bookface, the art book fair, we have been working towards creating art books for the fair. I have also run a workshop on Paper Crane making, during which we have created a paper crane from 5m x 5m paper.

Here Comes The Sun, becomes an annual festival within the centre which brings our vibrant community together. I have been helping with the preparation for the festival, and during the festival, which was an amazing experience working on such huge event and with an amazing group of people. During the festival I have helped organizing children games and arts, supporting the Zap Comedy group, Photography and helping around the festival.

Move Up Project

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Zap Comedy

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Paper Crane Project

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Here Comes The Sun

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Interviews for perspective candidates

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Throughout this term I was helping interviewing the perspective candidates for the Undergraduate courses within our Art Department.

It was an amazing experience, as it helped me to gain knowledge not only of what is expected from new students, but also to understand different aspects of interview processes within higher education institutions. I hope this will also help me in future with the job interviews.

Furthermore, it was interesting to note how its important to be able to build a close contact with the candidate to make them feel less nervous and open up their potential.

Internship with Hogarth Productions Part 2

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One of the biggest tasks of my internship was the co-curating project with Hogarth Productions. We have decided to create an exhibition. We have picked a venue which was The Takeaway Gallery in Harris Arcade, Reading. This was the perfect gallery for the show that we wanted to put up.

My role in this project was diverse, I needed to advertise the opportunity for the students and manage the application process, and writing rejection emails to unsuccessful candidates (which was morally hard to do).

Me and Anna Harcourt (Festival Director) have selected the artists from the University that were coherent and working with the theme of the exhibition. We have made a decision to exhibit the works of Annabelle Dent, Olivia Stagg and Niquelle LaTouche. The exhibition was based around the theme of domesticity and women role in it. I was particularly happy that the exhibition was consisting of three generation of female artists – an alumna from the university , an MA student and BA student. It was also interesting how artist influence each other even unintentionally.

It was very interesting to co-curate this exhibition as last year I was doing Critical Collaborations module. Moreover, we have been writing the statement for the exhibition, designing Flyers, and figuring out the logistics.

When it came to setting up the exhibition at the gallery there were many decisions to make, were the art works would speak for themselves, and how to make a dialogue between them. Furthermore we needed to organize a preview night, which was a success. Everything went as planed, and guests were happy.

I am really glad that I had such opportunity to working with such incredible people as Anna and Ed Harcourt, I have learned a lot of things about curating and the business side of art, which will help me in my future career.requestunnamed

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Internship with Hogarth Productions Part 1

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This summer I had an opportunity to undertake an internship with Hogarth Productions who curate an annual Whitley Arts Festival in the Reading town center. Throughout the internship I had various tasks, one of which was to design two websites for the company, it was something different for me as it needed to be on the different platform then WordPress, so I have learned how to use iWeb and create a coherent and clean design. I also have designed a flyer for the representation of Hogarth Productions and Sound Intervention on the Caversham Festival in Reading.



On the day of the festival I was helping with Art Handling and installing of a sound Art piece which was presented there and communication with people.



Work placement Part 2

Professional Experience

So my two-week work placement at Christie’s was over this week. It was an amazing experience which helped to understand how the art auctioning is done and the process of how Art World works. There were ups and downs during these two weeks, but this experience was worth it. I am really grateful to the professors at university, who allowed me and gave me the chance to undertake this amazing placement.

During my second week, I had a chance to study drawings and move forward with research. Moreover I was able to see the results of my work, as the exhibition (highlights for future auction) was put together. It’s unbelievable how you become ‘in love’ with pieces that you have studied while doing research. I learned my way through archiving and the way of work getting catalogued in order to proceed to the auction. When you work there you do not even realise how huge as the company, and you feel that even the smallest part of work has its own impact of how well the art piece or anything else will do at auction sale. Through this experience I have also learned that you need to pay a lot of attention to even the smallest details, as one mistake can become crucial for the success of the sale.

I have enriched my art vocabulary as well as I have learned some specific terms that are used at auction houses, as for example ‘hilling’, ‘provenance’, etc. The people surrounded me in the office helped me to feel that I was a part of ‘Christies’, they taught me and were really knowledgeable and patient while explaining the processes (which I suppose was really hard, due to their busy days before sale).
It was a great opportunity to be able to learn and help the best specialists of the art world. It’s helped me to realize what I actually want to do within my art degree, and hopefully in my nearest future I will proceed with my career in arts and auctioning.

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I have had an amazing opportunity to be accepted to Christie’s Auction House for a two week placement. Christie’s and Sotheby’s become the biggest auction houses in the world, and take about 90% of auction market. Their offices situated in more than 30 countries. Christie’s host more auctions a year, than days in over 80 categories.

I was accepted to the Mod Brit Department, which was amazing as it was one of my first choices. At first I was a little nervous as this become the largest auction house in the world. However after a few days I felt as I belonged there. It was opened in 1766 by James Christie’s and you can still feel this old fashion of 1766, when you work there. Today it’s owned by Francouis Pinault.

It’s already been a week as I am working at Chritie’s as an intern. I always wanted to see how art auctions work from inside, as they set prices and make history to the Art World. It’s been my dream to work in one. It was hard for the first few days, as I did not know what to expect. Through this week I have learned a lot of things that will encourage my interest in art auctions. I was given each day a range of tasks that where in some sense challenging, I was researching in library the art works that would be included in sales, as you need to know the provenance for each work and literature where it’s mentioned. One of my favourite things so far was helping in cataloging one of the sculptures and observing how the paintings are Hilled. Also one of the best things you can get from the internship is working with the best specialists and learning from them (it is worth spending 2 hours on trai)n.

Working in such place has it’s own magnificent sides, it’s the way that you work each day in the surrounding of art history and great works of art.

The elegance of Christie’s could be felled beginning with the location – when each day you pass the RA and ST James Square, continuing the perfection of architectural beauty of the main office at King Street, and with the way that on the front door a doorman opens a door for you and greets you, and there are millions of other things that makes Christie’s the way it is.

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Sotheby’s Italian Sale 17th of Oct

Professional Experience, Related Artists


On Friday the 17th, I have visited one of the most famous of auction houses – Sotheby’s.
I went on Italian Sale evening auction, in which there were presented 49 works of Italian artists(Lucio Fontana,Enrico Castellani, Piero Manzoni, and others) who participated in the ZERO art movement during 1957(the response to post Second War conditions.). Some of the works were from Giobatta Meneguzzo collection. It was the biggest and greatest sale ever of 20th century Italian Art.


The interesting thing to note that most works were in white color, and the auction itself celebrated white color. For me, as an artist it was an amazing experience, to see with my own eyes, how prices for art are getting created, and how collectors are getting into some sort of ‘play’, by rising the estimates for the sale.

This auction was run by Oliver Barker, the Deputy Chairman, Europe and Senior International Specialist, Contemporary Art. He was the one, who got Damien Hirst Pharmacy into Sotheby’s, and he is the one who helps to maintain that adrenaline feeling of auction and agitate among collectors, which makes them rise their bids, and make sale records.Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

The sale total for that evening was 41.4 million. The record for the artist at action was made for Enrico Castellani. His piece, ‘Superficie Bianca’,1967, was sold to a European private collector for £3,778,500. And the biggest sale of the piece on auction was Piero Manzoni’s, Achrome, (1958-59), which was sold for £12,626,500 to European Private.

It was just amazing and inspiring!

Enrico-Castellani-Superficie-Bianca  Enrico Castellani, ‘Superficie Bianca’

achrome1Piero Manzoni’s, Achrome, (1958-59)

Watch the video to get a feeling of an auction and agiotage it brought to the global art market, and some insights:

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