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 Font for the poster (Experimentation)

My previous idea of the poster had a random font, the one that I just liked, but than I have started to think why I should use this specific font?

Later my tutor Ciara gave me an amazing idea to go to, and do a little research. It took me some time to choose the right font for the poster and the title. I have chosen the font that looks like the one that soldiers used during the war. I think it worked pretty good.


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Before:layer for poster paper crane copy

   The Title

 ” 51° 28′ 40.12″ N, 0° 0′ 5.31″ W 51.477812, -0.001475 “

I have been thinking about the title for quite a long time, and the idea of the piece named ‘Castitate’ (peace) did not work well, as it was rising questions, why latin? What it tells you? Therefore, I have started rethinking the name of the piece. I had a thought of what happens when the city is completely destroyed in seconds, this special silence that only happens after nuclear bomb hits, what becomes left. There is a term ‘Ground Zero’ for the location that becomes a center of the detonation, it’s used mostly for all of the catastrophes (nuclear bombs, earthquakes,etc.)


  Then I have started thinking bout number 0, that it is the best word and symbol to describe the results of use of nuclear weapons. Moreover, I have looked into Geography, to find a 0 point of earth, and found the coordinates of Greeenwich Meridian, it’s a place which can be named – 0. It’s a place were East meets West, and this became the main idea for my title.


To have a perfect presentation for the installation, I have decided to paint the floor white, to fill the gaps between the moving walls, and to make wooden pieces to fill the floor gaps in the walls, in order to make a space like a white cube. This white space helps to build the idea  of innocence, and a place of start-over, a ground zero.


This is the picture of work in progress in my space.


       Experimentation with space   

I wanted to experiment with the space to find the perfect presentation of the installation. I wanted to see how the installation would work without the walls, with walls, and with paper cranes which would fly over the whole studio space.

Installation without the walls:



it did not work, the cranes seemed to be lost in the space, as well as the projection would be destructed by the light.

Cranes going outside of the fixed space:


It did not work as well, as it just did make any sense and made the installation messy.

Here is the space with walls:


With walls the installation worked well, as well as the projection would work.

   Sound 2 Experimentation

To make the sound even more isolated, I have decided to install the speakers into the moving walls, as it would make the sound hidden, and it would become a part of the installation.



Sound plays a really important role in the installation, as it helps audience to be absorbed by the installation. Within my installation I want to allow the audience to isolate themselves from the good and bad in their lives, and just to become a part of installation.

I have been thinking to use horn loudspeakers, the ones that are used around cities to alarm the citizens of bombing or war, as they make that specific effect onto the words and music, and makes them disturbing. The illustration of this kind of sound you can see in James Bond:Skyfall film, in which they are used on the isolated island.  However, I could not find any horn speaker around the university, and I could not afford to buy ones.

My music, that I have decided to use sounded very crisp and modern,  so I have decided to edit it to make an impression of an isolated building, city, and sound like from a horn speaker.

The echo that I have edited helps to illustrate that moment of silence, that appears after the bombing,the sound, that there is no one alive, the sound of a catastrophe.

So here is the edited audio for the projection:

                                          Edited footage     



                                         Formative Assessment  

Last week we had crit with Tina. It went very well, she made some very useful comments on how to improve the installation: a) to add a wall, so the space is more private b) delete the text from the footage, as you can not read it, and it’s not relevant c) have more paper cranes.


b)All of these comments were useful, as now I have edited the footage so it looks smooth and relevant.

a)I have made a decision to add an extra wall to the space I have worked already in, so the piece is not destructed. As well as I am going to paint the floor white.

c) this point, was my aim from the beginning, so now I am working on the quantity of paper cranes.


 After the crit with Tina, and talk to my studio tutor, I have realized that I need to edit the footage that I want to project, because the text on the projection did not work well, as you could not read it because of the shadows of the paper cranes, as well as it was too much of explanation in to the project. So I have deleted text and made the footage longer as well.



layer for poster paper crane 444

I have decided to create two posters for summer exhibition. This one is still unfinished.

Here is the second one:

layer for poster paper crane copy                                        Experimentation     


Experimenting with the idea of having cranes in a cage and having the video projected on to the wall, think it might work at the end.


For this final piece I have decided to make few posters for the summer exhibition, s today I have been taking pictures of paper cranes to work on them.




Yesterday I had I though of how I want it to look for the summer exhibition and how to make it more sophisticated, and let the art work speak for itself, without any additional writing or pictures. So came with this idea, and worked in photoshop to produce a model and to see how it might look.


Cage becomes a strong symbolical object in fine art and in the world. It becomes something that prisons, captures and destroys. The meaning I thought about was that, the way that dreams and hopes are trapped and destroyed, because of wars, politics, fashion etc. The idea of paper cranes in the cage, would illustrate the suffering that children in Hiroshima faced during the explosion. So, I will work on this idea further, and will experiment with it.





Here are updates to my installation:

today I have checked how the projection will work,played with light to produce shadows as well as the paper cranes are hung on schedule. I also enjoyed the way that the projector itself gave enough light to produce shadows, without any additional spot lights. Here are some pictures:



This is how I will project the video on the paper cranes. I will probably will work on it more, as for now it does not seen sophisticated enough.



Video for the projection

This is a draft of video that I will be projecting on to my paper cranes.

In this video you will see the pictures of children during and after the explosion of atomic bomb, as well as contrasting images of happy pioneers from USSR. This imagery will help to illustrate of how purity and hopes are being destroyed by war.  The song that is played on the background is a pioneer song expressing happiness and innocence of the childhood, this will deepen the imagery of suffering and destruction.

Work in Progress 2

Today I was creating a footage that will be projected on to the thousand of paper cranes, in order to illustrate the symbolism of this piece.


The pictures on footage are pictures of kids that have been suffering during Hiroshima and Chernobyl, as well as the contrast images of happy children. The images of happy kids will be pictures of USSR pioneers during their summer holidays in international summer camps. This links to the film that have inspired me towards the project -‘Здравствуйте Дети!!’, as USSR pioneer came together in order to safe a life of a Japanese girl. The music will be layered on to the footage, it will be one of the pioneer songs, that symbolizes happiness and peace. It will have a heavy contrast with the images, as they are shocking and horrifying. However, it will well illustrate the tension of war and suffering, and to highlight the idea that no children should ever face the war, which becomes one of the main ideas, behind the installation.


Here you will see some of snap pics from my footage. I will put up the video on blog tomorrow.

Work in Progress

I have started hanging paper cranes to see if this would work.



At the beginning of this project, my studio tutor Ciara have suggested to experiment  with paper cranes and how to present them.

So I have placed them on the floor and tables in order to get the presentation that would illustrate the main theme.



However, it did not look right, as I had a thought of displaying a video projection on to them. As well as they were birds, so they are meant to fly, and represent freedom, peace, and purity.

Inspiration, movie: ‘Зравствуйте Дети!’ The  Idea behind the project

This film was filmed in 1962 in USSR, the scene takes place in children’s international camp in USSR where children of different nationalities spent their summer holidays. One of the characters, is a girl from Japan, and later in the film she is diagnosed with leukemia, the whole camp is trying to find different ways how to save her, they have folded paper cranes, as the legend says the person who have folded 1000 birds, would have their dream to come true. However, in the end she dies. This touching story emphasizes the importance of hope, friendship, and peace.

4XwserZqmDU 6eIfIQHGon8

I have posted this film as it relates to my current project, within which I will produce an installation from paper cranes, to illustrate that our world is not only about politics, fashion, money, but it’s about children, who become the future of a new generations. Children are innocent, they dream, they believe in fairy tales, they hope. None of this children should ever face the war, illness and hate.

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This year it’s going to be 70 years since the horrible events in Hiroshima. When the atomic bomb took 127,000 lives of people of Japan, 69%percent of buildings were destroyed and 6-7% damaged. It was the first time atomic bomb was used for war. It was a horrible incident with horrific outcomes, as survivors of Hiroshima were exposed to radiation which caused radiation disease. Radiation disease evolves over time and causes cancer, hair lose, bleeding, damages the nervous system and bones. This was the crime against humanity.



There were hundreds of children born with radiation diseases. While researching this horrible incident, I found this astonishing and touching story, but a really sad one.

Sadako Sasaki, was a girl who survived an atomic bomb, she was only two, when a bomb fell on her city. After nine years, the side effects of radiation she was exposed to revealed themselves, she was diagnosed with leukemia. The doctors said she had just a year to live.

There was a Japanese legend, that if you fold a 1000 of paper cranes your wish will come true, so her friend who was visiting her in the hospital made  a first one. The girl with a hope to survive, started to fold paper cranes. However, she made only 644 before she died. Her friends have finished a 1000 paper cranes and buried with her on the day of a funeral. She was only twelve when she died. Since then paper cranes became a symbol of innocent victims of war.

This became my inspiration for my current art piece I decided to use paper cranes as a symbol of dream, hopes, purity and innocence. Origami is a different form of art, it’s really traditional and strict, however the light and shadows, this is what brings them alive.



Within my current project I have decided to change the medium, as the textile and canvas, did allowed me to experiment enough. So I have decided to use the paper instead. However I will still work within the theme of my previous project – ‘The process of Purity’


Purity is the word, that symbolize dreams, hopes, the good, the changes in our world. Pure is something that comes from a 0 point of development, like a newborn child, that have not seen the corruption of our world, did not commit any sins and does not have desires.


In my previous project I was developing an idea of the process of purity, as it’s been a year after Ukraine’s revolution, and the country is trying to change and recover from the horrible events that took place in 2014 in Kiev.  The hopes of our generation helped to change the corrupted politics in Ukraine.



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