The usage of animals for human purposes

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While this technology could save up humans lives, this technology also propaganda the usage of animals in scientific experiments for the sake of humans. It seems quite wrong, as the 3d printing of human organs, was found successful  and promising , the scientists are working on the development in that area even further.



Experimenting with Waves

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So when all the parts were painted, I could now put the wood into the water and glue the lower part to the tank, so it would not float.

When it dried, I was able to test it with water. The visible electronic parts, are going to be covered for the exhibition.

12325550_10205126969608630_189491790_o (1)

What I have learned from this test:

-I still need to create a bank to make the waves grow (Tsunami like)

-I need to seal the tank more, because it can not handle that much weight of the water, and starts leaking.