‘0’ Zine

Autumn Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year, CV, Studio

I have decided to experiment with how I can share my art with the audience outside of the gallery space.

Furthermore, considering what happened in Italy in August (the earthquake) I wanted to experiment more with minimalistic painting in order to give the audience a choice of what they want to see. So here are the photographs of the Zine ‘0’. It will be exhibited in The Woodley Library, as part of the exhibition ‘Art in a Library’ from 1st of Sep – 1st of Oct.

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Artists Statement

Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year, Uncategorized

DSC_0004 (1) 

  The main focus within my current body of work is how thin the line between war and peace, disruption and repair, hope and loss is. My current works explore the horrors of socio-political problems that our society is facing, particularly I am interested in Environmental Ethics. The problem highlighted within my current piece is the corruption of nature by humans.

During autumn and spring term my knowledge of technology has developed significantly. I was impelled to learn more about kinetic technology in order to develop the effects I wanted in my sculptural practice. In this summer exhibition I am exhibiting two disasters encased within a display cabinet. The Tornado installation was easier for me to create, as it included more physics rather than engineering, but with the Tsunami, I have collaborated with Dr Steven Gould from Systems Engineering Department to help to build the wiring of the machine to make it work effectively. 

Over the past year I have been tracking the formation of storms, the impact they have on the environment and our capacity as a species to cope with them. I learned about their affects, their frequency and the areas where they are prone occur. I tracked live satellite imagery, weather patterns and hurricanes and this broadened my understanding of what influences the weather and occurrences of disasters.

It became clear to me that we are unaware of the effects we are having on nature. By domesticating animals we thus change the species numbers which influences the biodiversity and balance on Earth. I’ve became interested in how nature becomes corrupted by humans in various ways and how it tries to fight back. In general I have seen that humans don’t realize the effects of their actions. I developed an installation to draw attention to the absurdity of our anthropocentrism by encasing the most powerful disasters within a closed space. In effect I am attempting to create a ‘pet storm’, a disaster transformed into a household ornament. This in many ways is a reflection of the way in which we temper and tame nature.  This also can be seen in Isabelle’s Stengers book ‘In Catastrophic Times Resisting the coming Barbarism’(2009), she says: ‘Today a new word has been created to characterize our situation: our epoch would be the epoch of the anthropocene.’

My piece consists of a Tornado and a Tsunami within a display cabinet, encaged and seeking for freedom. This installation is not only about environmentalism it is the power that people employ by ‘playing God’. When we are scared of something we want to control it.  Disasters such as Hurricane Katrina (2005), Haiti Earthquake (2010), Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami (2011), Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami (2004) left unbearable results for humanity, but in some sense it also gave a new start, a ground of ‘Zero’.

Throughout two years I have been influenced by Zero Art Movement, the group of artists that was founded by Heinz Mack in 1957. For me, this movement illustrates the purity of art, it helps purify the horror of wars, disasters and conflicts:

          “a zone of silence and of pure possibilities for a new beginning.”– Otto Piene

I also looked at Agnes Martins minimalistic paintings, as well as Fiona’s Tan ‘Ghost Dwellings, these two artists are completely contrasting but in the same time for me they become an illustration of what I am trying to comply within my practice. Francis Alys with his video art piece ‘Tornado’ unveils the wild power of nature, when he reaches the center of the tornado there is the momentum of nothing, ‘0’, the power that wipes everything on it’s way, in some way it illustrates a peaceful moment, purity and eternity of nature through destruction.

The display cases are white, pure and really minimalistic, they purify the horror that is happening inside of them. The three painted photographs on the walls around Tornado and the Tsunami, depict the aftermaths of the disasters,  the painted white stripes are purifying the images, in some way they are censoring the horror. The viewer is not able to see the full image, so he sees it as a minimalistic image,  but when the viewer comes closer he is able to see the details and realize what is happening behind the white strips. The viewer is the one who makes a decision of what he sees. Either a ‘nice picture’, or the reality within that.

Purifying the image/ exparimentation

Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year, Uncategorized

I have got this idea, of what will happen if I will try to make the horrifying images more pleasing to the viewer but in the same time, remain what they are – the aftermaths of disasters. So I have picked few images from internet of low quality to make them pixelated printed them on A3 quality paper, and painted over them in white.

I was very happy with the result of this experiment, as it helped to explain my current practice well, as well as it purified and censored the horror images. Giving a viewer the choice of what he wants to see a pleasing imagery or the reality.



Final Video Footage

Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year, Uncategorized

After the crit with Tina, and talk to my studio tutor, I have realized that I need to edit the footage that I want to project, because the text on the projection did not work well, as you could not read it because of the shadows of the paper cranes, as well as it was too much of explanation in to the project. So I have deleted text and made the footage longer as well.

Video for the projection ‘Purity’

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This is a draft of video that I will be projecting on to my paper cranes.

In this video you will see the pictures of children during and after the explosion of atomic bomb, as well as contrasting images of happy pioneers from USSR. This imagery will help to illustrate of how purity and hopes are being destroyed by war.  The song that is played on the background is a pioneer song expressing happiness and innocence of the childhood, this will deepen the imagery of suffering and destruction.


Related Artists

He is a conceptual German artist who mainly focuses on purity and simplicity as the main theme for his installations. He works only with natural materials such as pollen, bee wax, and rice. When you look at his work, you realize how passionate and time-consuming is the process of his creations. He is the most famous for using pollen within his art pieces. He collects it during spring and summer in Germany. He uses pollen from different trees and flowers, as each type of blossom has its unique color. He suggests that pollen becomes an art piece on its own, and it does not matter how its going to be presented. Moreover, he sells pollen that he collected during summer to museum and collectors in glass jars, without any direction of how it can be exhibited.

A visitor watches on June 11, 2013 an ar

Passageway Inside Downside is an installation that was created during 2011-2012. His work brings the simplicity and calmness to the gallery space. The repetitiveness of the objects he uses in this work, transforms this objects into new forms within the permanent form of the objects, allowing viewer to meditate and take this clam experience into something new for themselves.


His work, inspired me for the project I am working on, as his use of repetitive forms creates a unity of this objects, in order to become one piece within the installation. This what I want to bring into my work.

Images are taken from these sources:





Studio, Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year

This year it’s going to be 70 years since the horrible events in Hiroshima. When the atomic bomb took 127,000 lives of people of Japan, 69%percent of buildings were destroyed and 6-7% damaged. It was the first time atomic bomb was used for war. It was a horrible incident with horrific outcomes, as survivors of Hiroshima were exposed to radiation which caused radiation disease. Radiation disease evolves over time and causes cancer, hair lose, bleeding, damages the nervous system and bones. This was the crime against humanity.



There were hundreds of children born with radiation diseases. While researching this horrible incident, I found this astonishing and touching story, but a really sad one.

Sadako Sasaki, was a girl who survived an atomic bomb, she was only two, when a bomb fell on her city. After nine years, the side effects of radiation she was exposed to revealed themselves, she was diagnosed with leukemia. The doctors said she had just a year to live.

There was a Japanese legend, that if you fold a 1000 of paper cranes your wish will come true, so her friend who was visiting her in the hospital made  a first one. The girl with a hope to survive, started to fold paper cranes. However, she made only 644 before she died. Her friends have finished a 1000 paper cranes and buried with her on the day of a funeral. She was only twelve when she died. Since then paper cranes became a symbol of innocent victims of war.

This became my inspiration for my current art piece I decided to use paper cranes as a symbol of dream, hopes, purity and innocence. Origami is a different form of art, it’s really traditional and strict, however the light and shadows, this is what brings them alive.


Summer Assessment 2nd and 3rd Year

Within my current project I have decided to change the medium, as the textile and canvas, did allowed me to experiment enough. So I have decided to use the paper instead. However I will still work within the theme of my previous project – ‘The process of Purity’


Purity is the word, that symbolize dreams, hopes, the good, the changes in our world. Pure is something that comes from a 0 point of development, like a newborn child, that have not seen the corruption of our world, did not commit any sins and does not have desires.


In my previous project I was developing an idea of the process of purity, as it’s been a year after Ukraine’s revolution, and the country is trying to change and recover from the horrible events that took place in 2014 in Kiev.  The hopes of our generation helped to change the corrupted politics in Ukraine.